How to: Crop Pics and Resize Image without Photoshop

Do you have questions about how to corp pics, resize image with  and edit of colors. Here you will learn some advanced and free methods for corp pics and resize my photos by online and offline.

Also, show you some external website and software, which help you to edit photos, crop photos, add frame into photos, edit colors into photos, add text into images, and add custom effects into your images.

Offline Methods to Crop pics and Resize image

if you are using Microsoft operating system then you have one good news, Microsoft gives you one handy photo editing tool that is MS paint.

MS paint paint is basically a drawing software which inbuilt all windows's versions like XP, windows 7 and windows 8, 10. MS paint has many tools for design shapes, cut photos, and many more.

To get started, how to resize my photo in MS Paint.

MS Paint to Resize My Photos

Learn some advanced methods to change size of images. Follow these steps and resize your images very easily.

Step #1:


Open MS Paint in your System.

Step #2:

Open your images from your Hard Drive.


Step #3:

Click on Home Tab and Select Resize icon.


Step #4:

When you select resize icon that time automatically open “Resize and Skew”.


Step #5:


Select Radio button of Percentage and change values of Horizontal size and Vertical size as your requirement. Now save it as new file.

How should i crop pics and resize my photos for facebook?

If you want to resize your photos for Facebook then you should have photo-editing tools, which can help to you, resize image.

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If you do not have any photo editing tools, No worry these free photo editing online websites can help to you resize images. Follow these steps.

Resize my photos with Pixlr photo editing Web tool

Step #1: Open Website: Pixlr


Step #2 : Click on open image from computer

Step #3: Select crop tool then select image area that you want to resize.

select crop tool for crop picscrop pics

Step #4: Press Enter


Now, your image is resize and corp, so you can upload it any social media or website.

I hope you like this topic how I do corp pics and resize image from offline and online via free software.

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